A Review: Fevered Finale


Hey, guys! So in the quiet time between using my old website and building my new one I finished reading Angel Fever by L.A. Weatherly, the last installment in a unique trilogy. I have made one or two blog posts about its predecessors and the different viewpoints of the characters—a half-angel girl named Willow and her “supermodelesque” Angel Killer boyfriend, Alex. Again, I will reiterate that the “angels” of the novels are most definitely not the good guys, with characteristics appearing closer to those of demons than of the traditional angels that most of the western world images with their mention.

Now, it has been a few minutes since I have read the book, and as I am writing this, it is early. I have yet to have my coffee. So. Here we go. Minor spoilers ahead. Not big ones, though.

I think I really fell in love with the first novel—the intrigue, the mystery, the unique perspective. As I continued in the trilogy, the world shifted completely, but a good reader expects that as the characters grow and develop. However, with the introduction of a second love interest, Seb, things started to get more complicated. Naturally. This particular love triangle baits readers and drives them through the pages, wondering how the novel will end. How does a writer resolve this type of conflict without shortchanging the readers and leaving a “because I said so” taste in their mouths?

It is definitely not easy, and I am not sure how I feel about how this novel ended.

A short summary:

Of course, Alex goes off and does something well-intentioned, but stupid, messing Willow up pretty badly. (I am being vague here on purpose, because this action serves as the largest turning point in the series other than Willow finding out that she is half-angel). With Alex out of the way, one would think this opens the door for Seb, yet things are always so much more complicated than that.

Despite the pull of the love triangle, the real drama rests on the shoulders of the new band of AKs (Angel Killers), scrapped together by Alex, Willow, and Seb from a ragtag group of survivors and resisters who chose to live outside of the angels’ “edens.” These dystopias cropped up all throughout the natural world following the mass disaster that struck in the previous installment of the series, Angel Fire. The edens were formed under the guise of protecting the humans in an idyllic paradise where they could live alongside their angel “guardians.” This serves as the perfect draw for those who are already brainwashed from the angels’ feedings, and with the world in ruins, even the untouched people must turn to the edens if they wish to survive.

The AKs must work to save their ruined world from the angels. As if it is not bad enough already, the enemy is planning a mass invasion from their own dying homeland—more of an alternative dimension instead of another planetary world. With this final installment the readers are able to glimpse the “angelic” world on the verge of collapse. Meanwhile, in the natural world, the angels rising to power, led by Willow’s evil father, Raziel, are disjointed. Yet, they still remain stronger than their opposition after successfully brainwashing or killing off most humans—often by feeding on their life-energy. Only the few, freshly recruited AK’s stand in their way, but their firepower is insignificant against such vast numbers.

L.A. Weatherly sets up a unique world with seemingly insurmountable odds, which often make for the best reading! Throw in the complexities of Willow’s love triangle, and you find even more hooks. I enjoyed the novel, but I could not help but feel somewhat shortchanged. Perhaps I was just rooting for the side of the triangle that lost. That could definitely have been the case. Perhaps I just felt as though it all worked out a little too perfectly far too quickly. I am uncertain.


Either way, I give the book 3 out of 5 stars.

Angel Fever and the two other novels (Angel Burn and Angel Fire) can be purchased via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and pretty much wherever books are sold! Additionally, you can check out other L.A. Weatherly works via her website.


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