Fighting Wolves and Misconceptions

Hey, guys! Hope early summer life is epic and that you are getting excited about the revisions to my novel and the prospect of sequels and prequels to follow! It is a work in progress and should be done sooooooon which is exciting! I can’t wait for you all to let me know what you think of the changes in their adventure!

Anyway, with all of the revisions I have been implementing, I figured now would be a great time to touch on a common misconception about my trilogy and hopefully clear some things up for people. My series starts with The Dark Shall Rise, and I can see how some people might think that the book is evil and dark. Some have even believed it promotes rising darkness. However, that is the complete opposite of the books’ true message.

First, let’s take a look at the titles. It is true that The Dark Shall Rise might cause some to pause. I can understand that. Without some insight, I could see how this could be misleading. However, this first novel in the series is about how the darkness within the Dark Mistress rises up, conquering the land of our heroes. This calls for someone—anyone—to step up to the plate and fight her. To fight the darkness. That is where our heroes step in—the chosen light warriors. Now, let us move on to the title of the second book: The Just Shall Rebel. Ah! *Nudge nudge.* The third is titled The Light Shall Reign. Now, I ask you, do those titles convey promotion of finding darkness or fighting it?

There is a big difference. Looking at our main character, Liyah, we will see her struggle often with her own inner darkness due to her lineage, especially in the second book. Liyah is human. Just like us. And the struggle is real. The message I want to convey is that everyone has a dark side that lurks beneath the surface. We each have a choice—the decision to indulge in the darkness or walk in the light.

As I have heard tell, there is a Native American tale that goes along the lines of a man saying that inside of him there are two wolves. One is rabid and evil. The other is good. Every day the two wolves fight, struggling for dominance. When asked which wolf wins, the man thinks for a moment before replying that it is the one he feeds the most.

That is profound. How true it is that what we think of and dwell on (or feed) tends to become more prominent in our lives. How easy it is to give in to those bad attitudes or negative feelings at times! Once we do so, it is all too easy to succumb to those things over and over again, leading to a downward spiral. Again, I reiterate. The. Struggle. Is. Real.

However, just as negativity fuels that darkness, so can positivity and making the right choices can lead to freedom and the ability to help others navigate their own darkness. This does not mean we will always get it right. To err is human. I know it sounds difficult to choose to feed the good wolf sometimes, especially when the bad one howls so loudly. And yet, we do not have to face the choices alone. As Christians, we can fight our inner darkness with God’s help, just as Liyah learns to face her own darkness and feed the good wolf. With the aid of her Highest Power, she fights it, struggling and straining for the light to eradicate the darkness that has permeated her land, love, and life. Navaira, however, chose to feed the other wolf, and it consumed her.

Feed the darkness or fight it. I, for one, will continue to choose to fight and to feed the good wolf. Which wolf will you feed?

Photo Credit:  Wolves by Carsten Tolkmit under Creative Commons License 4.0.


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