A Review: Oddities

What’s up, guys?! Glad to have you on my website! So, I am looking at a review of Forever Odd by Dean Koontz, a horror/thriller writer that has been compared to Stephen King. Forever Odd is the second installment in the Odd Thomas series. These novels have been mysterious and thrilling—as expected from this genre. I really enjoyed the first novel but was surprised by this one.


Without spoiling the first novel, I will just say that Odd has suffered an incredible tragedy which leads us here. Odd is struggling to get on with his life, having lost much of its meaning to him. When a new, and incredibly odd and significantly…erm…disturbing enemy appears, Odd is forced to act even though he does not wish to.

The enemy, a crazed and delusional woman infatuated by supernatural occurrences steps in. Going by the name of Datura, the lunatic, aided by her two muscled and seduced goons, kidnaps Odd’s friend Danny in an effort to lure him to her. Having learned of Odd’s psychic magnetism and his heroic feats from Danny in passing conversation, the crazy lady sets her sights on Odd, doing anything necessary to harness his abilities and bend them to her will.

The entire novel is mostly Odd by himself, searching for Danny, the man-boy with incredibly breakable bones. Sure, we see a few of our familiar characters, but only as in cameo appearances. This novel seemed far more disturbing than the first, and I feel that less occurred. It felt more like one of the new “half” novels. You know, the ones that have the first novel, then the second, but in between, they have that short, 1.5 installment. The in-between story. That is what this felt like.

Perhaps it serves as some groundwork to lead Odd from his depression and into the role he is intended to play in the next novels. However, the third novel leaves one wondering what the heck Koontz is up to. (In Brother Odd it appears that Odd become a monk.) This would have been a difficult novel to write due to Odd’s emotional state, and I commend Koontz. Overall, though, I give it 2 out of 5 stars. Looking forward to the next installment.


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