Calye’s Corner: Blast From the Past, The Promise Maker

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday, and welcome to Calye’s Corner! While I was sifting through old computer folders, I recently came across several old posts I had written from 2015, and this one stood out to me. It is from October of 2015, and I never got around to publishing it. It was stuck in my “Needs Revision” folder until I found the time or the motivation to work on it. Since it is almost two years old, I find it interesting to look back into the mind of my younger self. (I also journal frequently, and I that has a similar effect.) Check it out, and let me know what you think!

2015 Calye:

It would seem I have been absent for a time, and I am so sorry about that! But in the meantime I have been able to brainstorm and hopefully come up with some new stuff that you might like (both in book and blog form!). Granted, this blog, I think, as a whole is going to reflect more about my life and adventures than being a strictly book-related blog. I feel that is where my mind goes…to video games…to coffee…to life lessons. Speaking of life lessons, there is something that has been on my mind. If ya’ll want to come on this journey with me, I would be delighted.

Now, in no way do I claim to be a theologian. In no way do I claim to have all the answers to anything. (So, be kind! :p) And, some of you may have already learned these truths. But during this period of transition in my life, I am laying down the revelations I have seen. And revelations are meant to be shared. I’m just going to start with what I have come to know in my 25 years, and we can go from there.

My entire life I have put faith in promises made by friends, family, boyfriends, and, ultimately, God. While it is often good to put some stock in those promises, I have learned it is a dangerous position to be in on many levels. At times, when faced with disappointment, and life does not seem to be going my way, I often lose sight of what the promises were in the first place, leaving me wondering what is real and what of that is even worth taking to heart.

For my point today, I am primarily going to be speaking about the promises that God makes to His people. In my personal experience, I have found I typically lean toward putting the whole of my hope in those promises. Now, when the walls fall down and life gets rough (And when I say rough, I mean really, really rough, and you find yourself at your low of lows!) you find yourself wondering why those promises failed you when you needed hope the most. There seemed to be no follow through.

How could God do that to you?! He is supposed to love you, right? Well, He still does! Of course He does! Here’s the thing I noticed. I was putting all of my hope in His promises alone. I was putting none of my hope in Him.

Here is where some might say, “That’s a mere technicality.  That makes no real difference, since, ideally, it is the same thing.”

And my response would be, politely, that no, it’s not exactly the same thing. Not at all. At least not for me. If people are honest with themselves, they might just find that it is not the same for them either. While it is good to put faith in His promises to you (because He does promise much to His people), there is a danger in putting all your faith and hope in the promises themselves.

One danger that you will see in absolutely any promise made by anyone is the danger of disappointment. Now, this wanders into the realm of trust, and here is the thing:  No one is perfect! Every single person you will ever meet has the potential to, and will most likely, let you down at some point in time. The only one who will never let you down or disappoint you is Jesus. But, be careful! If you are looking at only the promises and take your eyes off of Him, you put yourself in the position of setting yourself up for disappointment. Because oftentimes, I am finding, His promises rarely come in the form that you are expecting. He keeps things interesting that way, am I right?

But I have noticed that there is a sincere danger in that skewed perspective.  When we get caught up in the how, when, and the why instead of putting our faith in Him, we, again, put ourselves in the position of failing in faith. Because, if God did not respond to the supposed “promises” in the exact way you expected, it is “clear” that He let you down and reneged on them. Some might say you have no reason to follow a God like that, right?

Not quite. Can you spot the fallacy?

See? Your perspective easily gets skewed, and it is only in walking closely with Him and seeking his guidance and direction every single day that we truly stay with him, delighting ourselves in Him and His path for our lives. Furthermore, who is to say that he went back on His promises to you just because things didn’t pan out exactly as you pictured them in your head? God is writing the story. Not us.

Let’s be real here, looking through your eyes in a time of pain and a crisis of faith. Things look bleak. You are in your darkest hour, whatever that might look like. You are scraping the bottom of that barrel, and there seems to definitely be some broken promises. But, if you honestly and openly take a good look at your situation, did He really break the promises? Or, could it be, that you cannot see the forest for the trees?

This is how it was in my life. But, obviously, I do not have all of the answers! Again, I do not claim to know everything. I am not a theologian. I am a fantasy novel author! But, I am a Christian, and I have gained some insight that is currently helping me walk the path God has for me which will be the greatest adventure of my life.

Don’t do what I have done most of my 25 years and put your primary faith in the promises themselves. Instead, choose to put your faith in the Promise Maker. It is only then that you will get to truly experience the joy of those promises together as they come to pass as God writes your story. Go on the adventure knowing the Author is in control.

2017 Calye:  Thanks for reading, guys! Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to stay tuned to Calye’s Corner for more random and epic adventures!


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