Updates: Over the Overhaul

Hey, friends! Welcome to the first update for my book in a while! So, July was the first month I really had some free time to set to my to-do lists. On those lists, among getting my taillight fixed and tending to my struggling flowers (see Gardening Goals) was the desire to build blog consistency as well as to finish the first draft of my overhauled novel The Dark Shall Rise.

Now, what does that look like? An overhaul?

Why, I am so very glad you asked! I got the notion to rewrite my first novel in its entirety. And guess what?! I did it! It took a LOT of coffee, tea, and lemon pound cakes, but I finished the draft. It is currently in the hands of my beta readers. Hooray! Once they finish combing through the book, hopefully loving what they find, I can do some revisions and work on pitching it to agents! Exciting! Daunting. Exhilarating!

Now, no need to fear, fans of my novel. The main components of TDSR are still there, but overall, the book is quite different in details and minor events. Basically I rewrote nearly every line of the book, trying to improve the quality and make it more coherent and cohesive while adding depth to the characters. Additionally, it sets up for the rest of the story with more information and details.

As I mentioned, I just passed the rewrite off to be tested, and as I have been waiting for its return, I have been a busy bee! I have been working on consistency with my blogs, and I have been able to post twice a week. This is a victory for me, because I struggled for a while to keep posts running even once a week. Somehow, I would always fall off the bandwagon. But, I am doing better and hope to increase the blogs I post over the next few months. My problem is that I try to do everything all at once, and then I get discouraged and quit. Since that clearly has not worked, I am striving to tackle things one step at a time, juggling my blog, writing, work, and school. Throw Linus (the German shepherd) into the mix for good times, and you have a complete and full plate.


Even though there is a lot going on, I have found that I have to make time to do the things I love, such as writing, playing with Linus, and adventuring—whether that is rock climbing, archery, working out, gardening, cooking, reading, or a plethora of other things such as video-gaming, coloring, or beta reading a friend’s novel. (Check out Nicole Nixon’s site here.)

You have to enjoy yourself. All work and no play makes Calye a dull girl. (And I would bet it makes you one, too! Erm…or a dull guy? It depends on who is reading I guess!) And we don’t want that, now do we? Keep it interesting in life, and your writing will reflect it.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for some updates on more author and writing progress! See you next time, guys!

(In the meantime, feel free to browse Calye’s Corner for some crazy adventures!)


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