Currently, I am working on several projects, the biggest of which is my trilogy, The Asgarnian Articles. My first novel, The Dark Shall Rise, has been published through Westbow Press. It can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or directly through the publisher.


In The Dark Shall Rise, Liyah and Melanie, two of the most deadly she-warriors in the only inhabitable part of Shroeketia remember nothing of their early lives. On their way to the yearly warrior convention at Corresponding Point they meet Ryvan and Tyrese, two dark and mysterious warriors who know little about their own pasts, posing a threat to the she-warriors. Ryvan and Liyah immediately distrust the other. However, Tyrese and Melanie find themselves drawn to one another despite the warnings of their companions.

When Navaira, the evil Dark Mistress, destroys everything the warriors care about, they must face their calling as the only ones strong enough to stand against her dark powers. Along the way they must face their inner darkness and potential. Join the warriors as they embark on a journey to discovering their past and a future together they never dared to imagine possible.

Books to Come

The Just Shall Rebel:
Book Two of the Asgarnian Articles

The Light Shall Reign:
Book Three of the Asgarnian Articles


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