Gardening Goals: Dr. Frankenflower

Everything I have known to be true about my gardening experiences is skewed. I have never had the talent to grow things, despite the effort I have put forth on multiple occasions to do so, as I have mentioned in a past blog on my gardening history. However, a few occurrences of the last month... Continue Reading →

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A Gaming Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Ok, so, I know you guys have been seeing my latest posts on Final Fantasy XIII-2 such as Tonberry Terror, Final Fragments, and even the Final Fantasy XIII Review. All of this has been leading up to my full review of the game. This is going to strike you as a little odd, considering I... Continue Reading →

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Calye’s Corner: Final Two Fragments

Hey, my friends! Today, I am sharing some of my thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII-2, but this is not the actual review which will be coming later this week! Instead, I will be talking about something else I learned while playing this game. As you all know from tuning in to last week's Corner post,... Continue Reading →

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Calye’s Corner: Partially Paleo, Sweet and Sour

Hello, hello, and welcome to Calye’s Corner food edition!!!! Delightful. So, I know that a lot of times during the hotter spring and summer months a lot of people start diets, some more extreme than others. I have heard a lot of different types this year—Ketogenic Diet, Weight Watchers, Blood Type Diet, and the Whole... Continue Reading →

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Calye’s Corner: Tonberry Terror

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Calye’s Corner! As always, I am so glad you stopped by! Today’s feature is something I have not done yet on this blog. Sometimes life lessons blindside you, slapping you upside the head in the strangest of settings. My latest encounter with daily wisdom was from my videogame. What? Yes. I... Continue Reading →

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