Adios, October!

Guys! Where did this month go?! Time flies when you're having fun I guess? Is that what I'm calling constant studying? I suppose so. I finish one textbook and write the papers and suddenly more books appear at my door, and I start over again. Repeat. This is my life now. In the midst of... Continue Reading →


Gardening Goals: Dr. Frankenflower

Everything I have known to be true about my gardening experiences is skewed. I have never had the talent to grow things, despite the effort I have put forth on multiple occasions to do so, as I have mentioned in a past blog on my gardening history. However, a few occurrences of the last month... Continue Reading →

Calye’s Corner: Tonberry Terror

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Calye’s Corner! As always, I am so glad you stopped by! Today’s feature is something I have not done yet on this blog. Sometimes life lessons blindside you, slapping you upside the head in the strangest of settings. My latest encounter with daily wisdom was from my videogame. What? Yes. I... Continue Reading →

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