No More November

Hey, friends!! I cannot believe that the holidays truly are upon us! I've been slammed with so many papers and projects for school that my fall decorations are still firmly in place. I have to get up to the attic to get the Christmas decorations down soon! Yikes! I'm behind! Argh! Anywho, my point is,... Continue Reading →

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Adios, October!

Guys! Where did this month go?! Time flies when you're having fun I guess? Is that what I'm calling constant studying? I suppose so. I finish one textbook and write the papers and suddenly more books appear at my door, and I start over again. Repeat. This is my life now. In the midst of... Continue Reading →

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Updates: So Long, September!

Hey, friends! I'm coming at you with a recap of this month's happenings and whatnot! So, let's talk about it! Acquired Gems:  I came into several books this month, and I'm excited to start reading them! Some I have obviously already finished, but still! Hooray! Let's see what we have:   They are lovely! I... Continue Reading →

Updates: August Work In Progress

September is upon us! What?! When did this happen? I have been so immersed in my reading list for school that I have let August slip by unnoticed. Even with school starting and time moving in a crazy fast blur, there are some great updates that have occurred this past month that I think you... Continue Reading →

Updates: Over the Overhaul

Hey, friends! Welcome to the first update for my book in a while! So, July was the first month I really had some free time to set to my to-do lists. On those lists, among getting my taillight fixed and tending to my struggling flowers (see Gardening Goals) was the desire to build blog consistency... Continue Reading →

Fighting Wolves and Misconceptions

Hey, guys! Hope early summer life is epic and that you are getting excited about the revisions to my novel and the prospect of sequels and prequels to follow! It is a work in progress and should be done sooooooon which is exciting! I can’t wait for you all to let me know what you think... Continue Reading →

Brand Spankin’ News!

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my new website! It has taken me a while to get it up and running, but I am thrilled with its completion and I plan to continue work on it! This past year was a big year of embracing changes. Let me clue you in on everything that has been going... Continue Reading →

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